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  • 05/Nov/2018

    Have your SAY! Fly Tipping

    Lambent Productions will be filming in Essex as part of a six-part documentary series, filming takes place from now until the end of November.  In particular Lambent Productions would like to know of private landowners who regularly suffer from fly-tipping on their land, and also who may be happy to speak on camera. 

    It’s a series about community and helping others, as well as covering important issues around waste disposal and environmental crime.

    For more information please contact:

    Have your SAY! Fly Tipping
  • 03/Oct/2018

    ERP Full Meet 10th October 2018

    Full Partnership meeting -  we are pleased to announce ERP’s keynote speaker for this meeting:

    Tim Goodship, Director of Rural Policy at Defra

    Meeting starts: 11:00am - 13:15

    Venue:  Young Farmers Conference Centre, Chatham Green, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 3LQ

    Lunch:  13:15

  • Essex Police Rural Crime Advice Day