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Training critical to the voluntary sector says new report

Training critical to the voluntary sector says new report

Community Groups across Essex, often staffed by volunteers, have something very important in common. They all need people to be well trained and prepared to carry out their increasingly important work.

Great Dunmow based Voluntary Sector Training (VST) exists to provide relevant training to voluntary and community groups in the County at prices and locations which are accessible to organisations and groups which might otherwise not benefit at all.

A recent independent report shows that of the 1100 people attending training from 326 different voluntary and community organisations provided by VST, 98% found it good or excellent, reporting improved confidence, understanding and skill.

Although more than a third declared that they would not have had any training at all without VST, the sources of funding to support and subsidise this vital personal development are much scarcer in 2012 than when the organisation first set up 13 years ago.

Linda Riley, VSTs Chief Officer said: “We actively seek out regular feedback on our performance and I am delighted to see that we continue to provide high quality training which our sector needs and values.” She added that “a key target for 2012/13 must be to identify and secure reliable funding to enable us to carry on building the skills required to help this sector thrive.”