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Three sites put forward for new Thames River Crossing

Three sites put forward for new Thames River Crossing

On May 21st the roads minister Stephen Hammond announced the three possible sites for a new River Thames crossing between Essex and Kent. The existing Dartford to Thurrock crossing, which consists of the QEII Bridge and a tunnel, is used by 140,000 vehicles a day. Roads minister Stephen Hammond said motorists were currently plagued by daily congestion, with traffic levels expected to increase by a fifth over the next 30 years. The government hopes the new crossing will ease congestion.

Option A is the site of the existing Dartford to Thurrock crossing

Option B would connect the A2 with the A1089

Option C would join the M2 in Kent with the A13 and M25 in Essex.


Option C, the most expensive, would pass through undeveloped green belt land including Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, ancient woodland and the Thames Marshes.


A public consultation on the three options will run until 16th July with the results announced in the autumn. Six public information events are being held in Kent and Essex in June. To have your say and to see more information on the proposed options, including maps follow this link.