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Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett releases the ‘Who Will Care?’ Commission’s report into health and social care for Essex

On the 12th September 2013 the “Who Will Care?” report commissioned by ECC was released. ‘Who Will Care?’ proposes five high-impact solutions, arguing the need to:

          Agree a new understanding between the public sector and the people of Essex – by being up-front and honest about the realities, responsibilities and costs of care.

         Prevent unnecessary crises in care – by changing the focus of care from treating disease and chronic conditions to supporting individuals earlier.

         Mobilise community resources – by acknowledging that local approaches and local understanding can deliver care, support, value, and greater independence.

         Use data and technology to the advantage of the people of Essex – by adopting tools and techniques that better support independent living, self-care, and co-ordination and give more convenient access to good advice.

         Ensure clear leadership, vision and accountability – by bringing together key partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors to deliver co-ordinated and convenient care for us all.

Whilst the production of the report marks a particular milestone for the Commission, the issue is now how implementation can best be taken forward.  Clearly implementation does not lie within the gift of the independent Commission.  To that end, the report will be discussed by Essex’s Health and Wellbeing Board next week with future sessions scheduled for both the Southend and Thurrock Health and Wellbeing Boards also

To read the full report click here.