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ERP welcomes Rural Statement

The Essex Rural Partnership is pleased to support the Rural Statement 2012, published by Defra today (12th September).

It is reassuring to know that Government recognises some of our key priorities as their own.  In particular we welcome the commitment to improving broadband and mobile connectivity; the measures to encourage new affordable rural housing; and the emphasis on fair access to services in rural areas.  

We also welcome the intention to support sustainable economic growth, and the positive impact this will have on SMEs in rural areas.  We eagerly await the Rural Proofing Guidance which we hope can be put to use in our local area. 

Essex Rural Partnership values its position as one of the 17 Rural and Farming Networks who are engaging with Defra and looks forward to continued joint working, ensuring a link between those living and working in rural Essex and those in Government making policies which will impact upon them.