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Give a thought to the pork on your fork

Give a thought to the pork on your fork

An estimated two thirds of imported pork and pork products are produced in a way that would be illegal in Britain. Farmers elsewhere in the EU who are supplying the UK are not legally obliged to meet UK minimum welfare standards, which prohibit the use of sow stalls.

The Red Tractor logo guarantees that a high welfare standard has been kept throughout the process, from the pig farms, feed and livestock transportation through to slaughter and production methods for pork products.

The ‘Pigs Are Still Worth It’ campaign wants to encourage over 100, 000 people to pledge their support for British pork and make the pork promise by looking out for the Red Tractor logo when buying their chops, rashers, bangers or gammon. Those who make the promise will be rewarded with a variety of delicious pork recipes to try.  

The Pork Promise: From this day forth I promise to give more thought to the pork on my fork, to think twice about whether its quality assured pork produced by farmers who prioritise the well-being of their pigs. So, I’m going to look for the Red Tractor logo on my rashers, my bangers, gammon and chops as a sign of this quality and high welfare and ask my friends and family to do the same.

To find out more and to make the pork promise visit and the Love Pork Facebook page.

Image from The Pug Father,