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RCCE launches oil buying scheme for Essex

RCCE launches oil buying scheme for Essex

Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) has set up a new bulk-buying scheme for rural communities that could help them save on the cost of their heating oil.

The scheme, launched by RCCE's trading arm RCCE Trading Community Interest Company, is aimed at bringing communities together to make the most of joint buying power and pass on the savings made to customers.

The scheme is open to households, businesses and community organisations that use oil to heat their premises and, for a modest annual fee, their order will be collected and the best possible price negotiated with the oil suppliers.

About 138, 000 homes and businesses in rural Essex rely on heating oil and RCCE estimates that around £50 could be saved on a 1, 000 litre delivery.

RCCE is also looking for local volunteers to act as co-ordinators in their area. Their job will be to collect the orders from members in their village every month, pass them on to RCCE and then inform members when their oil will arrive and how much it will cost. For doing this volunteers get free membership of the scheme.

Business Manager Shelly Labbett said "We've made it as simple as possible because we know people are busy. Local co-ordinators won't have to do the negotiating with the oil suppliers and won't have to deal with any money, so we don't expect this to take much time".

For more information on the scheme, visit RCCE online, email or call 01376 574340