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Essex Rural Partnership welcomes David Heath CBE MP to Essex

Essex Rural Partnership welcomes David Heath CBE MP to Essex

On Tuesday 8th January a small group representing Essex Rural Partnership met with David Heath CBE MP, Minister of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 

The Minister had a pre-arranged visit to Docklands that morning and requested that he visit Essex Rural Partnership during the afternoon, in his quest to meet with groups which are members of Defra’s Rural and Farming network. 


The ERP Steering Group determined a short agenda of key issues that they wished to raise, and appointed a small group to meet with David Heath on Tuesday.  The meeting was kindly hosted at Ingatestone Hall and attended by 6 people representing ERP and 3 Defra officers who accompanied the Minister. 

Issues on the agenda included affordable rural housing, fishing and coastal communities, and relations with other strategic bodies, particularly in a landscape following the abolition of the regions. 

The meeting was interesting and useful and ERP is grateful to David Heath for taking the time to visit Essex.  ERP is also grateful to Dominic Petre for allowing the use of Ingatestone Hall as a venue for the meeting.