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Environment Agency National Crime Waste Survey

First run last year, the survey aims to collect insight from those affected by waste crime to build a robust baseline of data that will increase understanding of the impacts of waste crime; quantify the scale of each waste crime type across England and assess which interventions used by the Environment Agency and its partners are the most effective. 

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With almost half of last years’ respondents saying waste crime had impacted their industry sector or their clients, there has never been a more important time to help the Environment Agency stop these criminals from continuing to infiltrate our legitimate businesses, damage our environment and cause distress to our communities.

- Have you observed or been affected by the following waste crime?

- Large-scale fly-tipping (waste abandonment, including illegal deposits of waste);

- Illegal waste sites (site operating without environmental permit);

- Illegal burning of waste (taking place at a commercial site without environmental permit);Illegal          exports of waste (not covered by International or European laws); and

- Mis-description of waste (the deliberate misclassification of waste, including hazardous waste, for the purposes of evading landfill tax liability).


If so, the Agency would like to hear from you and invites responses from the legitimate waste industry, landowners and farmers, environmental consultants, insurance companies and local authorities.

Note: Small-scale fly-tipping, routinely dealt with by Local Authorities, is not within the scope of this survey.

The survey is open for responses from Monday 1st March until Sunday 22nd March:

National Waste Crime Survey