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Essex Rural Partnership Update

The meeting held on 30th September approved our new Terms of Reference for ERP –  to view the approved version please click here

The meeting also appointed a Chair and Vice-Chairs to serve ERP for the next three years. 
We welcome elected Cllr Simon Walsh as the new Chair of ERP, Canon John Brown and Roger Hirst as the appointed Vice-Chairs. 

There are currently three important consultations open, and we would like to encourage our members to respond to them. 

Details as follows:

The consultation on the Police and Crime Plan for Essex is open until Friday 7th October.  The draft Plan includes 7 policing priorities.  Roger Hirst, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, presented the draft plan to ERP members at the meeting on 30th September, where he also answered a number of questions raised by members.  
The draft Plan can be found here and the consultation can be completed online here .

The meeting also received a presentation on Superfast Essex from Lucy Dickinson, Superfast Essex Communications Manager.  Lucy provided information about Superfast Essex’s work to improve broadband connectivity in the county, including the planned phase 3 work. 

There is currently a consultation on phase 3 – information can be found at:,whenandhow#whatishappeningnext

The survey closes Wednesday 12th October can be found at:

Essex Association of Local Councils informed the meeting that DCLG’s Local Government Finance Settlement Technical Consultation included a proposal to cap Parish Council precept increases at 2%.  Any Parish Council wishing to impose an increase greater than 2% would need to undertake a costly referendum.  EALC explained that if this new rule is put in place, it would have a potentially severe impact on Parish Councils and could significantly restrict the activities they could afford to undertake, and the support they might be able to offer to local projects.  The meeting on 30th September agreed that a formal response objecting to the proposal would be sent on behalf of ERP.  Members are also encouraged to make their own representations.  More information can be found at and on the ERP website here .

The consultation can be completed at    
The survey closes on Friday 28th October