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How are rural interests being recognised by LEPs?

How are rural interests being recognised by LEPs?

The Commission for Rural Communities has published a report on how rural interests are being recognised within Local Enterprise Partnerships. The report brings together views and information received from a range of LEPs, businesses, local authorities, and rural groups and stakeholders, obtained via a call for evidence and stakeholder workshop.

The report covers three main themes:

Rural voice – How rural interests are represented on LEPs’ organisational and governance structures, and how rural stakeholders are able to input a ‘rural perspective’ into the work of LEPs.

Policies and evidence – How the policies, programmes and activities of LEPs address rural interests, including through an informed evidence base.

Funding and business support – How LEPs are using Government (and other) funding streams to target rural areas, including by supporting small and micro-businesses.

The report includes a range of case studies, demonstrating the approaches different LEPs are taking to including a rural perspective in their work. It also raises a number of issues for consideration and priorities for action for LEPs and Government, as well as some specific actions that LEPs could take to stimulate economic growth in rural areas.

The full report can be dowloaded here