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Essex Challenge Prizes

Essex Challenge Prizes

Essex families have told ECC that they experience a range of pressures and challenges relating to raising a young child. These pressures can leave them feeling lonely or socially isolated and feeling less able or willing to access the support available to them. ECC recognise that traditional council services might not be the most effective way of addressing this.

‘The Families Included Prize’ is the first in a series of Challenge Prizes.  Challenge Prizes are a tried and tested method of generating a broader range of original ideas to solve difficult problems. Over the next few years ECC intend to run a series of prizes to address the diverse issues facing Essex.

Along the way ECC will offer a range of support to nurture and develop the ideas of individuals, communities and organisations, as well as awarding a prize for the winning solution.  ECC are looking for great ideas, projects and solutions from Essex that involve local families with young children in opportunities that enrich their lives.  Ideas can relate to any aspect of life including personal and social experiences. ECC can look to address the problem across Essex or focus on a local community. All ECC ask is that solutions come from people or organisations in Essex and will make a positive difference to Essex families.

Entry will be open between 12 May and 14 July 2016