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Dog faeces DNA test approved in Alresford

Dog faeces DNA test approved in Alresford

Residents of Alresford, near Colchester, have reported a "persistent" problem of dog owners not picking up faeces.

The parish council will foot the £80-120 bill for DNA testing of excrement and swabbing of suspect dogs.

The Kennel Club has questioned whether it would work, as owners' consent for swabbing would not be compulsory.

A register of DNA taken from swabs will be used to try and match the culprit via a sample from the faeces.

Frank Belgrove, chairman of the council, said a "minority of persistent offenders" were causing the problem.

"It's happening outside the primary school, both parades of shops and in the community garden," he said.

"We hope it's a deterrent, but we'll have to wait and see if it works."

Mr Belgrove said dog owners could refuse to let their animals be swabbed, but if there was other evidence it "could work against them in court".

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