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Full ERP Meeting 15th October 2019

National Rural Policy Priorities - Tim Goodship, Defra

Green Essex Strategy - Jayne Rogers, ECC

United in Kind - Sarah Sapsford, RCCE

Micro Grants and free training provided by EALC - Cllr Peter Davey


Full ERP Meeting 2nd April 2019

Essex Future Library Services Strategy - Cllr Susan Barker

The Farming Community Network - Philip Wilson

Home From Hospital - Brian Goodwin RCCE

Update on Funding Programmes:

LEADER - Beverly Davies

CIF and Local Services Fund - Joy Darby CEO & Louise Gambardella EALC


Full ERP Meeting 10th October 2018

Defra - Policy Priorities Post-Brexit - Tim Goodship

Country Trust - Where Children Learn and Grow - Jill Attenborough

Essex Police - GTRET - PC Andrew Long

LEADER - Update - Beverly Davies


Full ERP Meeting 24th April 2018

Brexit - Cllr Kevin Bentley

Community Libraries - Liz Sutton

EALC Local Service Fund Briefing - John Gili-Ross and Louise Gambardella

Superfast Essex Update - Lucy Dickinson


Full ERP Meeting 24th January 2017

Dedham Vale AONB and Stour Valley Project - Simon Amstutz

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Update - Lorraine George

Task and Finish Group Update - Adam Scott

Essex Vision - Richard Puleston

Delivering the Essex Rural Strategy - Anna Hook and Suzanne Harris


Full ERP Meeting 30th September 2016

Police Crime Plan Draft for Engagement - Roger Hirst

Superfast Essex Update - Lucy Dickinson

Terms of Reference and Structure ppt - Suzanne Harris


Full ERP Meeting 4th April 2016

New Rural Evidence Base - Victoria Wiens


Full ERP Meeting 16th February 2016

Rural Strategy Findings - Sean Marks

SELEP Activities Update - Lorraine George

NFU - Adam Scott

Super Fast Essex Broadband


Full ERP Meeting 2nd November 2016

EALC - Peter Davey

LEADER - Beverly Davies


Full ERP Meeting 1st July 2015


Lorraine LEADER ERP 010715.pdf

Kat Goodyear SUDS 010715.pdf

150701 -Nick Alston Full Notes Presentation.pdf



Full ERP Meeting 15 February 2015 

150213- Leader recap and update.pdf

150213 South East LEP.pdf

150213 RFN feedback SH.pdf



Full ERP Meeting 11 November 2014

141111 - Lorraine George.pdf

141111 - Leader draft from AGM.pdf

141111 EALC Introduction PPT.pdf

141111 ERP Bradwell LP.pdf

141111 RFN feedback SH.pdf



Full ERP Meeting 13 June 2014

LEADER_Generic overview_ERP_13_June_14.pdf






Full ERP Meeting 16 January 2014140116 PW Programme Update for PW 15 1 14 v2.pdf







Community Action Group Meeting 20 August 2013


Jasmine Frost  -Whole Essex Community Budget - Strengthening Communities

Full ERP Meeting 24 July 2013

Flood Presentation - Lucy Shepherd

Flood and Management Team Structure ECC - 2013

Walkover Healthy Headwaters - Mark Iley

Anglian Water Community Education - Ellie Pluck

Full ERP Meeting 13 March 2013   

David Sillett, RDPE                                                                   

Full ERP Meeting 10 October 2012
Gary Raynor, Prevention: Community Capacity
Jane Richards, Changes in Healthcare and the Impact on Rural Communities in Essex

10 Year Celebration Event Presentations 31 July 2012

Full ERP Meeting 2 May 2012
Sam Fry, Essex Olympic Legacy
Amanda Lumley, Visit Essex: Tourism activities in the county

Economic Action Group Meeting 23 April 2012

Michael Veasey, Eastern Plateau

Joint ERP and EERF Meeting 18 January 2012
Joy Darby and Sue Lake, The Opportunities Offered to Local Councils by the Localism Act
Sarah Sapsford, The Localism Act and Neighbourhood Plans
Gareth Bradford, DCLG and the Localism Act

Community Action Group Meeting 29 November 2011
Faye Doherty, Good for Essex Campaign
Brian Goodwin, Village Agents

Full ERP Meeting 20 July 2011
Sid Cooper, An Introduction to Woodfuel East



Full ERP Meeting 20 July 2011
Pennie Wallace, Introduction to Writtle College
Mark Iley, Biodiversity Off-Setting
Sophie Blythe, Edible Essex Project
Philip Wilson, Broadband Developments



Full ERP Meeting 5 April 2011
David Heathcote and Ken McDonald, The Hundred Parishes
Lucinda Butcher, Living Landscapes
Suzanne Harris, Services in Rural Essex

Environment Action Group Meeting 22 February 2011
Adam Rochester, Local Wildlife Sites
Lucinda Butcher, Living Landscapes

Full ERP Meeting 24 November 2010
Pat Holtom, Vibrant Rural Communities: A Rural White Paper for the East of England
Gordon Stewart, Pub is the Hub
Alastair Gordon, The Big Society

Full ERP Meeting 29 July 2010
Sergi Jarques, Essex Coastal Tourism
Matt Searle, A Woodland Strategy for Essex

Full ERP Meeting 10 March 2010
Dr Steve Willoughby, Transition: Preparing for the New Reality Beyond the Industrial Age
Jo Wheatley, Transition Wivenhoe
Petra McQueen, Transition (Stour) Valley

Full ERP Meeting 9 September 2009
Ed Bennett, The Rural Economy in Essex
Keith Hughes, What Business Link Does in Essex
Suzanne Harris, Draft of the Revised Essex Rural Strategy
Amanda Plummer, Ashlyns (Organics) Training: Can Cook Will Cook Project

Community Action Group Meeting 22 June 2009
Ann Booth, The 'Credit Crunch': A View from the CAB Service in the East of England
Keith Brown, Rural Small Businesses: What does the Future Hold?

Full ERP Meeting 15 May 2009
Dr Mike Gogarty, Rural Health and Issues in Essex
Keith Cheesman, Community Well-Being in Essex
Ian Flack, Essex and Southend LINKs

Joint Community and Economic Action Group Meeting 8 May 2009
Lisa Bone, Perception Research of Essex and its Tourism Offer

Full ERP Meeting 24 February 2009
Suzanne Harris and Nick Shuttleworth, Background to the Essex Rural Strategy and Essex in Context

Full ERP Meeting 24 October 2008
Cllr Norman Hume, Access to Services for Rural Areas
Theresa Coyne, Rural Transport and Access to Services: the Role of Community Transport Schemes
Suzanne Harris, Rural Transport and Access to Services: Issues Identified through the Rural Services Survey
Dr Chris Gibson, Natural England: An Overview

Full ERP Meeting 18 June 2008
Dan Gascoyne, LAA2 Update

Full ERP Meeting 16 January 2008
Keith Blackburn, Planning Diversification
Philip Wilson, Essex's Local Area Agreement
Sophie Blythe and Sarah Willsher, Year of Food and Farming

Full ERP Meeting 16 May 2007
Kris Radley, Linking Communities
Diana Cross, Z Bikes: A Wheels2Work Project in Rural Essex
Mike Hall, Carbon Connections

Full ERP Meeting 31 January 2007
Jim Smith, An Introduction to Green Arc
Richard Devanney, An Introduction to Renewables East