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The Essex Rural Partnership (ERP) brings together key organisations in Essex to consider, debate and act on major issues affecting the rural parts of the county.

Our vision is for 'A county which engages, values and respects its rural environment; and where rural communities fully contribute to and benefit from a healthy, prosperous and connected Essex'.

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Coronavirus:  Office Working Update - PLEASE NOTE

The RCCE office still remains closed until further notice. Our staff are working remotely and available by email only.

General enquiries can be sent to

The RCCE phone line is being monitored and will be answered during normal office hours.

Telephone: 01376 574330



  • 12/Mar/2021

    NFU - Levelling up rural Britain

    'If 2020 signalled the start of great change, 2021 offers us all – every part of the country, every community, every person – the chance to level up our country and ensure we build back better. We now have the opportunity to work together to create a new vision for the future of Britain that values and involves everybody, wherever they live'. 

    Minette Batters NFU President

    Read the latest report by the National Farmers Union (NFU) HERE.

    It is our time to show case what Britain is capable of, by working together providing opportunities, creating new jobs and improving well being for all.

    NFU - Levelling up rural Britain
  • 02/Mar/2021

    Environment Agency National Crime Waste Survey

    The Environment Agency is establishing a biennial National Waste Crime Survey to inform the continual development of its intelligence-led approach to stop crime impacting the waste industry, the environment and communities.

  • 01/Mar/2021

    Latest ERP Bulletin

    Checkout the latest ERP Bulletin!

    Note to members:  The ERP Bulletin is a publication not only for our members to read and hopefully find useful! but to utilise, please feel free to contact me if you wish to have an article featured in a future edition.


    Latest ERP Bulletin